So, did you hear about how Chibi Chibi is really the daughter of Chibi Usa and Mamoru? Or did you get the e-mail telling you all about the keen new dub of Sailor Super Stars, starring the incredibly sexy girl band the Three Cosmics? Or perhaps you've been reading the buzz about the new series, Pink Lady and Friends, all about Chibimoon and her adventures in the fairy land?

Anyone with an ounce of sense will realize I just made every single one of those "facts" up. And it is because of the ease that such false statements slip into Sailor Moon fandom that this site exists. Because in the middle of a sea of fandom, where every one wants to be the first one to know the hottest news or little known facts, it's very easy to be led astray by a piece of false information. Therefore, this site is intended to serve as a resource for the rumors about Sailor Moon, whether it's the latest news about the show or just something some nut put on his web page to feel special.

So, where to first? Just hold your mouse over the various explosions to find the menu choices.

Lost? Check the site map!

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